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"We just want to release awesome stuff. Players please, give us a chance. Judge our games based on what they are. Judge the DLC based on what it is. Stop thinking you’re a producer and telling us when and where we should be building our content."

Christina Norman, former designer and programmer of the Mass Effect franchise

Translated for the public: “Stop complaining about DLC you whiny entitled fucks and give us your money already. Ungrateful little shits. Who do you think you are?”

I’m going to judge Day One DLC for what it is: A ripoff. That’s stuff you COULD have included in the main game, but chose not to, to make a quick buck.



BioWare writing staff

BioWare writing staff




Mass Effect 3 @ Gamescom 2011 Q&A Summary


taken from :)

  • The CE Robot dog is possible to interact with aboard the Normandy, like having it follow you around, play fetch and it apparently has a story to it. No details on whether it’s combat able or not though.
  • Character creator will get a lot more hair styles and facial features in ME3. So expect the hairstyles from the femShep competition to make it into the CC.
  • All squad mates will get their story and closure for ME3 even if they might not be a permanent squad member.
  • We’ll see more of the Yahg (The former Shadow Broker)
  • Not loyalty of people, but loyalty of races. Less focus on building loyalty with squad members and more on the various races. So expect previous loyalty and decisions to play a part in this. 
  • XP system goes back to ME1. No details but they won’t do the mission summary XP from ME2.
  • The fate of the squad mates will not always be up to the player and decisions that feels right can prove to be harmful.
  • The banter will be increased significantly since the squad member group is smaller this time.
  • The ending of ME3 will give closure to the trilogy so don’t expect answers on post ME3 DLC until the game is out.
  • Thane is still alive in ME3. (if he survived Collector Base)
  • Kelly Chambers will return.
  • Romance between Joker and Shepard is a case of “you have to play it to see it”.
  • Side quests will pretty much always be in line with the critical path story.
  • Classes will get new powers with up to six different ways to customize each power.
  • Squad mates appearances and armor will be possible to customize again.
  • ME3 will make you cry!
  • There will be a larger variety of environments compared to ME2.
  • There will be mini games though no announcements.
  • We may see Quarians without masks. Whether that would include Tali or not was left unsaid.
  • The choices you make in the trial at the beginning of ME3 will set the tone for the future in the game.
  • Indoctrination seem to play a role in ME3, possibly including party members.
  • They are discussing possibilities of missions that ties back to your background choice for Shepard.
  • Legion will return with a larger role in ME3.
  • Miranda will be back and has unfinished business with Shepard.
  • Conrad Verner’s back.
  • How many team mates you speak to at the same time aboard the Normandy depends on the context of the missions.
  • And they´ll talk to each other at times and move around the Normandy :`)
  • for the rest of the summary check out the link <3


Quick! Bioware has approached YOU for help with ME3!

You may decide one guest cameo squadmate for use in the game! Who is your choice and why?

I would go with Ratchet and Clank, seeing as the Ratchet and Clank series is what would happen if Mass Effect was written for kids!

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